Everybody bleeds...


During opening credits, shown an old video about a woman who was teaching three children about human body and killing. The end of video shown, the threes manage to kill a man who the head is covered. (But the kill is offscreen).

Then, in present time, Bandung. Adjie and Astrid are a married couple who will go to Sydney to get new job and new life, they, with their friend who accompany them; Alam, Eko, and Jimmy, they go to airport with Jimmy’s car. On the road, Adjie decided to meet Ladya, her sister, convinces her to go with him to Sydney or maybe just accompany him to airport. But Ladya, who still blames Adjie for their parent’s death, doesn’t want to. With some accidents in Ladya’s workplace, she finally goes. When they left Ladya’s workplace, they meet a beautiful woman named Maya. She confessed that she robbed a bank and can’t go to her house, so, feeling pity; they take Maya and bring her to her house.

They drive the car to the middle of nowhere, in Maya’s house, they meet another family of her, Dara, Maya’s mother who the face is looking so young with her scary stare and mysterious body language. Adam, Maya’s second brother who's very gentleman and masculine, then Arman, The first son of Dara, who's fat and never speak any word. After an introduction and Dara’s given a secret potion to Astrid, they go to dinner after little forcing by the family. Adjie and Astrid go upstairs to a room for a rest. Unluckily, the rest of our friends who take the dinner, get sleep drugs in their food and make they’re fall asleep. And they taken by Arman to a cellar, with Alam still in the dinner table. Alam who seduced by Maya, got slashed by her until he finds Adam who broken his arm and make him collapse.

The broken, saw by Adjie and Astrid, and when they manage to go upstairs, Adjie caughts by Adam and Astrid lock herself in her room. And she get a briefing by Dara about women strength from outside. Dara tells her that the potion give to her is for make her baby can birth faster. Then, Astrid finds a small window and sees a car coming to the house. When Astrid begs to helped, the woman turns down from the car is Dara’s friend. Then, she got several icebox by Maya contains meat, reveals the condition and reason for the family slaughter. The family is cannibals, and they is corporate with secret organization in attempt to get immortality. The family search the victims and sent the meats to the organization which want an immortal life too. Astrid, doesn't know it, her amniotic fluid is coming, with the locked door, she must order the birth with her only to help herself.

Astrid who now have a son, coming out from the room and embraces with his husband, unknowingly by them, Dara enters the room and takes the baby, the baby is taken for her, and Dara tells them if they want to reach way out from here, they can do it, but if they want to take the baby back, they should to be dead this night. Astrid follows Dara to the room beside, and Adjie goes to another room for help.

While in the cellar, Arman who slaughtered Adam, now choose Ladya as his next victim. But Ladya can escaped, make him unconscious, breaks the cellar and set Eko and Jimmy free. After escape, they walked to house in attempt to save the married couple, but Maya comes from them and brought a crossbow, shots Eko’s left ear and make them go inside the forest. In the forest, Adam chases them. Ladya can free from him and go inside the house, Jimmy dead because his neck broken by Adam and Eko who can walks through forest and finds the road, shined by car light.

Adjie who enters a room filled by baby corpses and preserved baby. Then he meets her wife who the neck is stabbed by iron bun. When Adjie finds Astrid dead, he strangles Dara for a revenge, but Dara who can stabs his torso with her finger, strangle him back until he left unconscious. Then Ladya who now in there, Arman grabs her and brought her upstairs, and rape her.

Dara and Maya back to front door with Adam is there, some polices patrol there found Eko and bring him to their car. Then, the four police separated. The two go upstairs and the rest of lack the first floor. One of the police found the video contains same video in the first scene of the film, scare, he drops a collection of photographs. The photos dated very strange, Adam, Arman, and Maya had their photo in 1912, while Dara, dated 1889. In upstairs, Arman who rapes Ladya, stabbed in the eye with wooden stick by Ladya for escape. Arman screams loudly, make the polices prepare for attack. Adam, turn off the lamps and the family, slaughtered the police off. The head of the police can runs to front door; he can take his shotgun and shots Maya. Dara who just kills inside, runs to front door , takes the shotgun and kills the head of the police. Then Dara who found injured Maya, broken her neck to ends her daughter pain.

Arman goes outside of room with the wooden stick inside his eye, he slits one of the police throat and they died together. Ladya runs to the room where Adjie unconscious, she finds Astrid body, and they attacked by Adam. When Adam fights with Adjie, Eko comes to them and stabs Adam with sword, Adam who very strong, can take the sword, then his head poured by formalin liquid from Adjie. Knowing this, Ladya takes her lighter and drops it to Adam, Adam got burned and runs to another room. Eko goes downstairs alone, and got slashed with chainsaw by Dara. In upstairs, Ladya and Adjie attacked once more by Adam. Ladya who still kept the sword, slits Adam’s throat and together with Adjie, they decapitated Adam.

Ladya and Adjie place the baby in one of clean side of the house which still dirty by blood. Ladya takes revenge to Dara, the last villain. Ladya goes to dinner room and attacked by Dara with chainsaw after Ladya founds Eko’s amorphous body. Ladya with sword and Dara with chainsaw, fight. Ladya escapes to another side of dinner table and runs outside the room, but Dara can slash Ladya’s foot until blood squirts. And Dara who ready to attacks Ladya, knocked by Adjie, make Ladya safe. Then Dara who still grabs the chainsaw, slashes Adjie in shoulder. Adjie who founds a gun beside him, thrown it to Ladya. Ladya takes the gun and shots Dara, then she strangles Dara with Dara’s necklace. Dara who lays in the floor, kicked by Ladya, then Ladya reunites with Adjie, and apologize him, Adjie accepts it and died after gives Ladya testament to cares her nephew.

In the morning, Ladya escapes from the house with his nephew in her grabs. She places her nephew in the box in the backseat of polices car. Ladya starts the car, but before the car moves, Dara punches the car’s window to grabs Ladya. Ladya runs the car to the forest road, she opens the car door and moves the car back, make the door who grabbed by Dara hits a big tree. Ladya looks Dara’s body, and [smile can safe from the bloody game last night. She said to her nephew, “We go home,” and Ladya runs the car to outside of forest. Unknowingly by her, Dara’s bloody hand, slowly moving, then film ends.








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Directed by Mo Brothers
Produced by Delon Tio
Written by Mo Brothers
Starring Shareefa Daanish
Imelda Therinne
Arifin Putra
Ruli Lubis
Julie Estelle
Ario Bayu
Sigi Wimala
Daniel Mananta
Mike Lucock
Dendy Subangil
Music by Zeke Khaseli
Yudhi Arfani
Distributed by Gorylah Pictures
Merah Prod
Guerillas Visuals
Release date(s) January 22, 2010
Running time 95 Minutes
Language Indonesian