Naniniwala Ka Ba?


PAMAHIIN is a story about how superstitious beliefs affect people’s lives, especially non-believers. It revolves around three childhood friends NOAH, BECCA and DAMIAN and the mystery that connects and enfolds them.

NOAH (played by Dennis Trillo) returns to the Philippines with his girlfriend EILEEN (played by Iya Villania) after 15 years when his best friend DAMIAN (played by Paolo Contis) commits suicide. Knowing how strong DAMIAN has always been, NOAH is intrigued why he took his own life. He is also bothered and haunted by a distant childhood memory concerning his other best friend BECCA (played by Marian Rivera). BECCA and her mother ALING BELINDA (played by Jacklyn Jose) are the town outcasts, due to ALING BELINDA’s penchant for the supernatural. They were pushed to move out of the town, never to be seen again by the people of Balong Bato.

Because NOAH was raised in the States, his modern ways keeps him from believing in superstitions, much to the distress of his TITA AMELIA (played by Vangie Labalan) whose life is governed by her superstitious beliefs. DAMIAN’s death starts a series of peculiar and unexplained deaths and eerie haunting, all revolving around different superstitions. EILEEN, who is in tune with her third eye, is at the forefront of all these haunting. She is followed by the ghost of a little girl named LOTA, who died a mysterious and gruesome death.

Not wanting to believe and accept the fact that superstitions are real, NOAH tries to give a practical explanation for everything, straining his relationship with EILEEN. The fact that BECCA returns and professes her love for him doesn’t help in easing the tension between them. NOAH continues refusing to believe… until he experiences the haunting himself.















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Directed by Rahyan Carlos
Produced by  
Written by Andrew Paredes
Rahyan Carlos
Starring Dennis Trillo
Iya Villania
Marian Rivera
Jacklyn Jose
Music by  
Distributed by Regal Entertainment
Release date(s) April 19, 2006
Running time 100 mins
Language Tagalog