Evil Dead II



                 "Someone's in my fruit cellar...someone with a fresh soul"


The movie begins with our hero Ash (Bruce Campbell), who survived that terrible night (Evil Dead 1) feeling somewhat relieved...morning is here!! However just as he's thinking about leaving the last of the demonic spirits get a hold of him and he plummets through the woods at speed B eventually ending up crashing into a tree and losing consciousness. When he regains it he seems a little different, as he too has been possessed. However as the sun rises and the dark gives way to light the spirits retreat back to their darkness, and Ash returns to normal. As the bridge is down there is only one place left for him to go......the cabin.

Once back at the cabin Ash finds himself battling with his dead girlfriend...and more bizarrely his own hand. The latter occurs as his hand becomes possessed and tries to kill him...so naturally our hero has to saw his hand off...buts that not the end of the hand and its attempts to kill.

Meanwhile some distance away Annie has found some more pages to the book of the dead, and her intentions are to visit her fathers cabin and deliver the pages. She enlists the help of a friend, and along the way pick up two guides (Bobby Jo) who get them safely to the cabin. However lets not forget that Ash is at the cabin, and furthermore he is at his wits end....and when he hears a knock at the door he shoots...and injures Bobby Jo. However the travelers are more concerned about the whereabouts of Annie's parents, and seeing Ash with a gun and covered in blood makes him the prime candidate. He's knocked unconscious and bundled into the cellar by the weary travelers.

A little later in the evening the group play the tape recorder, revealing that Annie's mother and father had both become hosts to candarian demons. Ash, who by now has regained consciousness, hears the recording to...including the bit about the fact that Annie's mother was buried in the fruit cellar...and within seconds she (Henrietta) has risen from the grave. From that point the residents begin to drop like flies, yet the additional pages brought by Annie hold the key to getting rid of this evil. Something to watch out for is the prophecy in the book of the dead (a hero from the sky will destroy the evil) and the ending. This film is just as good as the first, and is a must see!!











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Directed by Sam Raimi
Produced by Robert Tapert
Alex De Benedetti
Irvin Shapiro
Bruce Campbell
Written by Sam Raimi
Scott Spiegel
Starring Bruce Campbell
Music by Joseph Lo Duca
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) March 13, 1987 (USA)
Running time 85 min.
Language English
Budget $3,500,000