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                      It's not the house that's haunted


Renai and Josh Lambert have recently moved into a new house with their three children. One morning, Renai begins looking through a family photo album with her son, Dalton ([[Ty Simpkins]]). He asks why there are no pictures of Josh when he was a child. Renai reasons that he has always been camera shy. Dalton tells Renai he is scared of his new room.  One day, Dalton hears something in the attic.  When he goes to investigate he sees the Demon ( signified by bones cracking ) off screen and takes a fall when the attic ladder breaks. The next day Josh goes to wake Dalton, but he does not move. They rush him to the hospital where the doctors say he is in an unexplained coma.

Three months later Dalton is moved home, still in the coma. Disturbing events begin to occur. Renai believes the house is haunted when she begins to see and hear people in the house. She confronts Josh about the events and the family soon moves to another house. In the new house, increasingly violent and supernatural events begin to happen again.  Josh's mother, Lorraine, contacts a friend, Elise Reiner, who deals with paranormal activities. The family, Elise, and her team go into Dalton's room. There, she sees and describes a figure to one of her two assistants, who draws Prashant.

Elise explains to Renai and Josh of Dalton's ability to astral project while sleeping, but has wandered too far to find his way back in to his physical body. Skeptical at first, Josh later relents when he discovers Dalton had been drawing pictures which resemble the demonic figure Elise described. Elise and Lorraine reveal to the couple that Josh also can astral project, and was terrorized by a terrifying spirit during his childhood. Josh's mother shows them pictures from Josh's childhood, revealing a shadowy old woman nearer and nearer to Josh. Elise suggests that Josh should use his ability to find and help return Dalton's soul. Josh agrees. Guided by Elise, Josh finds and frees his son, captured and held by the red-faced demon. In search of their physical bodies, Josh and Dalton flee the demon who pursues them. Just before the two awaken, Josh confronts the shadowy old woman who appears to be inside his house, along with several other spirits. Shouting at her in brave defiance, she retreats into the house. Josh awakens, as does Dalton.

Later, Dalton, Renai, and Lorraine are eating in the kitchen. In another room, while Elise and Josh packed, Elise notices something strange about Josh. She grabs a camera and takes his picture. Suddenly, Josh goes into a rage and strangles Elise to death. Renai hears the noise and runs into the room to find Elise's body. She calls out to Josh, but receives no answer. She picks up the camera that Elise used from the floor and sees, not a picture of Josh, but the old woman; implying he has been possessed by her. Just then, Josh grabs her shoulder. She turns around and gasps as the screen cuts to black.

After the credits roll, a short scene shows the old woman blowing out a candle followed by a laugh. During the first scene of the movie, the old woman is seen in a house corridor while Josh is sleeping in his room.











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Directed by James Wan
Produced by Jason Blum
Written by  
Starring [[Patrick Wilson (actor)|Patrick Wilson]]
[[Rose Byrne]]
[[Ty Simpkins]]
[[Barbara Hershey]]
[[Lin Shaye]]
[[Andrew Astor]]
[[Leigh Whannell]] 
Music by Joseph Bishara
Distributed by Stage 6 Films
Release date(s) September 14 2010
Running time 102 minutes
Language English
Budget $1.5 million