Wrong Turn IV



                       These hillbillies are going crazy!


In 1974, at the Glensville Sanatorium, West Virginia, Dr. Brendan Ryan (Arne MacPherson) is showing local psychiatrist Dr. Ann McQuaid (Kristen Harris), around the psychiatric hospital. He shows her three deformed patients, Three-Finger, One-Eye and Saw-Tooth, who all have the ability to inflict pain and not feel it. While Dr. Ryan and Dr. McQuaid move on, one of the mental patients grabs Dr. McQuaid's hair and rips out her hair clip, which she does not notice. The Patient gives the hair clip to Saw-Tooth. As the three cannibals pick the lock with it and escape their cells, Charlie, the orderly hears the commotion and investigates. One-Eye, Saw-Tooth and Three-Finger attack Charlie, killing him, before releasing the other patients, who begin to kill the doctors in the sanatorium, including Dr. McQuid who is electrocuted and Dr. Ryan who has his limbs ripped off by barb wire.

In the present day, Kenia, a lesbian couple Sara and Bridget, along with their friends  Claire, boyfriend Kyle, Jenna boyfriend Vincent, Lauren and boyfriend Daniel are going snowmobiling, heading to Kenia's boyfriend Porter's cabin in the mountains. Before they get there, they get lost in the snowstorm forcing them to find shelter in the abandoned Glenville Sanatorium.

The teens explore the asylum and decide to wait out the storm. Lauren remembers her brother's stories about the sanatorium and the cannibals, but her friends do not believe her. After the group go to bed, Vincent, suffering from insomnia, begins strolling around the asylum. After finding Porter's corpse, Vincent is stabbed by Saw-Tooth through the head with a needle. The next day as the storm continues, the group notice that Vincent is missing and began to look for him. While searching for him, Jenna witnesses the cannibals butchering Porter's body, and runs back to tell the others. Soon after, the friends find Porter's severed head, before Claire is caught around the throat with a strip of barb-wire and lifted up to a near-by balcony. Kyle attempts to save her, but the cannibals pull Claire tighter, decapitating her. The group begin to flee, but the cannibals have stripped off their spark plug wires on their snowmobiles. As a result, Lauren sets off to ski down the mountain to retrieve help, while the others barricade themselves in a doctor's office.

Sometime later, Sara, Daniel and Kyle go to the basement to find weapons. After discovering an arsenal of knives and other tools, they return to the others, but Daniel is captured by the cannibals. Kyle, Sara, Kenia, Jenna and Bridget overhear his screams and run back to save him but arrive too late and find he has been eaten alive by the cannibals. The teens encounter the cannibals and began chasing them, successfully trapping them in a cell. The group urge to kill the cannibals but Kenia refuses, willing not to be like them. The girls leave Kyle to guard the cannibals as they set off to find the spark plug wires. While Kyle is asleep, the cannibals use a hidden hair clip to escape and attack him. Giving up their search for the spark plug wires, the girls return to the doctor's office. During the night, they encounter who they believe to be a cannibal. They manage to stab the figure to death, however soon realize that they have actually killed Kyle in a trap set up by the cannibals, who subsequently attack.

The survivors are chased up to the attic where they find their previously stolen ski jackets. After noticing they are locked in the building, Sara breaks a window and digs a tunnel through the snow. The girls escape, but Jenna is killed before she can get out. As Kenia, Sara and Bridget attempt to get away, the cannibals chase them on snow mobiles. Ultimatley Bridget is run over, killing her.

After morning passes, Lauren is seen to have frozen to death from the storm. Kenia is still searching for a road when One-Eye reappears on a snowmobile. Sara arrives and saves Kenia, knocking One-Eye off the snowmobile allowing the pair to steal it. As Kenia and Sara drive away, they accidentally run into a strip of barbwire, decapitating them both. Three-Finger picks up their heads and puts them in the tow truck, before driving away with the other cannibals.








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Directed by

Declan O'Brien

Produced by

Erik Feig, Robert Kulzer

Written by

Declan O'Brien


Jennifer Pudavick|Jenny Pudavick, Tenika Davis, Kaitlyn Leeb, Kaitlyn Wong, Terra Vnesa

Music by

Claude Foisy

Distributed by

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Release date(s) 25/10/2011
Running time 91 mins
Language English