Wrong Turn V



                       The inbred hillbillies are back!


After the cannibals Three-Finger Saw-Tooth and One-Eye escape through the Glensville Sanatourium, they return to their unmutated father Maynard, the old man from the two previous films. Kaleen (Emilia Klayn), a battered news reporter is jogging to the woods. She encountered the cannibals, initially she thinks it's a prank until one of them cuts her middle finger off. She attempts to escape and runs to Maynard, who murders her with an axe. He commands the cannibals to take her body back to their cabin.

Meanwhile five friends, Billy, his girlfriend Cruz, Lita, her boyfriend Gus and Julian are on their way to a local town to celebrate the Mountain Man Festival. As they drive on the road, they accidentaly hit Maynard who attacks them. Billy, Gus and Julian attack him but were all apprehended along with Lita, Cruz and Maynard by Sheriff Angela and her partner Deputy Biggs. While Sheriff Angela leaves to take them to the police station, the cannibals appear and kills Deputy Biggs.

After being locked at the police station, Billy confesses to Sheriff Angela that he owns the drugs as she frees Cruz, Lita, Gus and Julian. Meanwhile the cannibals drive to the town, kills a guard at the power plant and shuts the power at the town off. Lita, Gus, Julian and Cruz settle by at an inn. Julian and Cruz leave the inn to the police station to visit Billy.

As she is walking she hears hill billy laughs and then she suddenly sees three finger. He chases her and ends up catching her and pulling out her intestince, then Julian sees Lita and Gus kissing and making out so he decides to give them some privacy and goes to visit Cruz and billy. When he gets there he finds out that Cruz never made it, then back in the hotel room Lita and Gus had already had sex and she goes to take a shower. Gus hears a bang at the room and goes to open it and cusses out the guy at the door for playing a prank. then it happens again and he goes to open it again only to be dragged out by the cannibals. Lita gets dressed and goes to check what happend but doesnt see gus so she runs back to the backroom and gets a weapon. she then hides as one of the cannibals goes in the bathroom, and he gets her and drags her to the bed, she then is able to escape. Then back at the sheriff's office they are all worried because Cruz isnt back. Sheriff Angela then sees a truck pull up and drop off a body.

She then grabs her gun and goes outside to help Gus because he is alive, but is later killed as he is run over by the truck. She then ask for help to move the body and they go back inside. When they do that Julian and billy are still complaining about Cruz not being back. She tells them that they cant go outside. Sheriff then lets billy and the drunk that is in the other cell out but keeps the old man in. They all get handed guns, and suddenly the power turns off, the drunk guy remembers that there is a generator in the store across from the police station and Angela goes there. She gets on the radio and ask for help, as she is doing that the other guy on the line doesn't believe her and hangs up. She runs back to the police station and Julian and Billy leave when she gets there.

She then stops them and tells them they can't, Billy tells her that he loves Cruz and wants to know if she is alive and they leave. As that is happening Lita shows up at the police station and comes in scared, they tell Lita what's going on and Billy with julian leaves. They try to find Cruz and they find her... dead. then they are attacked and both killed. The drunk guy who is now sober takes the sheriff's van and trys to get help because he is told to do that. As, they are talking the old man (who is the cannibals sons) tells Lita to let her out and she will be safe. She doesn't listen.. then the drunk guy gets the keys and leaves. But, later gets into a wreck because of bob wire in the road, he doesn't die until the cannibals get him and take him to the store that had the generator. Angela sees this and trys to help him but the store blows up, knocking Angela out. Then Lita is convinced to let him out in order to keep her self alive.

When she does so, she grabs the gun and makes sure he leaves without any problems. He then grabs the knife and stabs her eyes, Lita walks out crying and screaming because, her eyes are gone. Angela then wakes up and sees the old man out and shoots him, then brings both of them inside and helps Lita with her eyes. The cannibals then knock out Angela when she goes back out to get something. They all go inside and they let the old man out. He then ties up Angela and tells her she can pick her death, by gun shot or fire. He ties up a gun where if she puts her feet on the ground it will blow, then he sets the place on fire, and she puts her feet on the ground and she dies. The final scene is the cannibals with there dad driving and finding Lita who is still alive. They put her in the car and the final scene is Lita screaming as she finds out its the cannibals truck. Her fate is unknown.









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Directed by

Declan O'Brien

Produced by

Jeffery Beach<br>Phillip J. Roth

Written by

Declan O'Brien


Doug Bradley, Camilla Arfwedson, Simon Ginty, Roxanne McKee, Paul Luebke, Paul Luebke, Oliver Hoare, Kyle Redmond Jones

Music by

Claude Foisy

Distributed by

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Release date(s) 23/10/2012
Running time

91 minutes

Language English