Back from the dead....


The film begins with the clown Richard Grindle—better known as Stitches—having sex in a van. The woman he is having sex with notices an egg—painted with a red face— encased in a glass tube. Stitches said that “they” made him do it when he signed up. Because of it, Stitches arrived late at Young Tom’s (Ryan Burke) birthday.  He made an unsuccessful attempt to amuse the kids with his tricks and instead, the kids made fun of him. A shoelace-tying prank from Young Vinny (Gerald Ahern) caused Stitches to trip-over and land on a kitchen knife resulting in his death.

Young Tom visits Stitches’ grave and finds a group of clowns performing some sort of black magic ritual in an underground den. The Motley (the leader of the cult) finds Young Tom and threatens him.  Six years later, Tom (Tommy Knight) is now a teen and his seventeenth birthday is coming. He goes to school and in his first class, hallucinates his teacher castrating his friend—the now grown-up—Vinny (Shane Murray Corcoran). Tom is hesitating whether to throw a big party or just a simple party with his friends. He ends up throwing a big party and, unbeknownst to Tom, Vinny has sent an invitation to everyone on the Internet.

Tom and his friends, Vinny, Richie (Eoghan McQuinn) and Bulger (Thommas Kane Byrne) prepare the house before the guests arrive (All of them were present during Tom’s birthday party six years ago). Hours later the guests arrive and they start the party, meanwhile, Stitches is rising from his grave. Tom was expecting his childhood crush, Kate (Gemma Leah Devereux). A guest comes dressed up as a clown, frightening Tom, causing him to fall on the floor and injure his head, the guest is revealed to be Paul, a school bully, and his girlfriend Sarah (both of them were present during Tom’s birthday party six years ago). Kate and Bulger come to help Tom and Bulger leaves to get the first aid kit in the pantry. Tom runs off to go to his tree house and Kate follows.

In the tree house, Tom confides with Kate about what he saw in the underground den. Meanwhile, Paul, unable to urinate because of his costume, pees in his outfit; unknown to him, he is actually being followed by Stitches. Stitches finds Paul on the balcony and tears off his ear with his bare hands and cuts off his arm, he takes out a bunny from his throat and finally beheads him with a kick.  Stitches finds Bulger in the pantry consuming canned goods. He sticks a can opener on Bulger’s head, and imitating a can-opening, opens up Bulger’s head and scoops out his brain. Meanwhile, Sarah is looking for Paul and finds Bulger under Stitches’ puppetry in the pantry but ignores him. Still looking for Paul, Sarah goes to the attic but instead finds Stitches who attempts to attack Sarah with an umbrella but Sarah hits Stitches with her sharp heel on his throat, She attempts to escape but Stitches throws an umbrella through her face, sticking her eyes out on the tip of the umbrella.

Tom sees Stitches in his house from his telescope and rushes to warn Vinny who was upstairs with Mary (Lorna Dempsey). He warns Kate to leave but is stopped by Kate’s boyfriend, Dan (Tommy Cullen). Richie goes outside to smoke and is found by Stitches. Before Richie can escape, Stitches slashed his stomach open and pulls out his intestines which he then makes a balloon dog out of. After his trick, Stitches inflates Richie’s head until it fills with air and explodes.  When Vinny learns that Tom was telling the truth, he quickly dresses to leave but Stitches is already in the room and punches him with his spring arm. Tom stabs Stitches in the back and Vinny covers Stitches with a blanket and they knock Stitches down.

Stitches appears and frightens the guests. Tom and Vinny go to get Kate and while on the way out, Stitches knocks Kate unconscious with his spring arm. Tom tries to wake her and Vinny leaves them behind. Stitches tries to drown Tom in the sink but gets distracted when Tom squirts the liquid detergent in Stitches’ mouth while Kate throws a knife at the same spot his face fell on the kitchen knife. Tom stares at an egg on the floor and realises that the only way to kill Stitches is to break his egg from the encased glass tube.  Tom and Kate ride to the graveyard and Stitches pursues on a kid’s bike. Tom enters the den and starts looking for Stitches’ egg from a bunch of other eggs, but Stitches finds him and stops him. Stitches decides who to kill first, Tom or Kate. Tom suggests that he flip a coin and Stitches agrees. Unknown to Stitches, Vinny once again has tied his shoelaces and he falls on the ground with his egg. Stitches protects it from breaking until Tom jumps over him and causes the egg to break and Stitches to explode.

Six months later, Tom is moving to a new house down the block. He and Kate are in the tree house and Kate gives Tom a gift, A telescope with a stronger lens. Tom’s old telescope is pointing at the den and the camera zooms in to reveal the Motley trying to piece together Stitches’ broken egg. The egg is getting back together from its original form and the view blacks out with Stitches’ voice saying, “Everybody happy?”











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Directed by Conor McMahon
Produced by Fantastic Films
Written by Conor McMahon
Starring Ross Noble,
Tommy Knight
Music by


Distributed by MPI Media Group,
Irish Film Board
Release date(s) October 26, 2012 (UK)
Running time

86 mins

Language English