Only one survivor. Only one chance to escape pure evil


The film opens with a series of television broadcasts that make clear The Collector is a brutal serial killer and has been active for some time. He is now the focus of a massive police manhunt. As in the first film, the Collector kills all victims but one, whom he kidnaps. Arkin (Josh Stewart), returning from the first film, is the most recent known victim. Elena Peters (Emma Fitzpatrick) is taken by her friends to a secret party at an undisclosed location. Elena witnesses her boyfriend, who bailed on their date the same night, with another woman. She gets upset, breaks his nose, and leaves the crowded dance floor to enter an isolated room. There, she discovers a red trunk and opens it to find a severely injured Arkin. Arkin grabs Elena and they both dodge a steel spear that shoots from the wall which initiates a series of deadly traps. First, a large rotating mechanism with blades darts through the dance floor, shredding hundreds of people. Meanwhile, Elena, frightened, runs from the room and steps on a trip wire, initiating thin swords to fling out of a hallway, hitting people in the chest and neck. Finally, a small room locks shut with two steel bar barriers, and the Collector is spotted standing on a crate panel shaft in the ceiling. The ceiling lowers completely on the last victims, including her friend Missy, slowly crushing them to death as Elena watches them in horror. The Collector quickly finds and captures Elena, while Arkin escapes by taking a body as a protective shield and jumping out of a high window, landing on a car and breaking his arm in the process.

At the hospital, Arkin is arrested by the police and put under constant surveillance due to his known criminal record. He is approached by Lucello, the right-hand man of Elena's wealthy father (Christopher McDonald). Lucello has hired a team of mercenaries to hunt the Collector down and save Elena before she is killed. Lucello implies that if Arkin leads them to the Collector's hideout, he will save Arkin from his criminal record.

While previously being kidnapped by the Collector, Arkin had marked the turns in their journey on his arm with a series of cuts. He is able to lead the mercenary group to the Collector's base--an abandoned hotel in a desolate part of town. When Arkin refuses to go inside, Lucello double-crosses him and forces him at gunpoint to guide them through the hotel. Meanwhile, Elena uses her bra to push through a hole in the red trunk, enabling her to grip the latch and escape from inside. The Collector re-enters the room and notices her escape, so he lets loose several spiders, hoping this will reveal her hidden location. However, Elena is able to escape while the Collector is distracted by the surveillance alarms triggered by the team of mercenaries.

Upon entering the hotel, the team is attacked by people with half-faced masks stapled to their head, whom the Collector had captured and driven insane with drugs, forcing the team to shoot them. Arkin takes the opportunity to escape from Lucello. At this point, the movie jumps among 3 groups: Elena trying to find an exit, Arkin trying to escape, and the mercenary team led by Lucello trying to find Elena. While wandering the hotel, all three encounter live humans being experimented upon and human body parts re-arranged to resemble insects. Arkin narrowly escapes the Collector several times but is unable to find an exit. Members of the mercenary team are killed or captured one by one. Elena finds a room full of make-up and a prisoner named Abby who claims to be the Collector's "favorite" and is reluctant to break his rules. When Abby notices Elena adjusting her hearing aid she panics, claiming that Elena isn't strong enough for the collection and that she wasn't supposed to escape. Elena and Abby are separated when the Collector finds them.

Eventually, Elena, Lucello, and Arkin reunite and rescue Paz from a trap, all other members of the team having been killed. They find Abby, who asks to escape with them. The group finds a room with a small window that they cannot escape through, but they see two homeless men outside. When the men are unable to hear their shouts, Arkin shoots one of them. He fires a second shot when police arrive, causing the SWAT team to surround the building. Abby betrays the group's location to the Collector, but dies when she steps on a board of nails and falls back into an iron maiden-like trap, which mechanically folds with her inside. Enraged by this, the Collector attacks the group with a pair of dogs and kidnaps Elena. Lucello, pinned to the ground with another iron maiden trap approaching from above, tells the group to save Elena and leave him. They find her strapped to an autopsy table. When they approach, they are trapped in a cage that falls from above. The Collector makes it apparent by displaying and flashing a lighter that he is going to burn down the building, but Arkin manages to open the cage by having Elena re-break his arm so that he can reach the latch.

The group escapes and finds an exit door to the building--it is jammed from the outside. The Collector kills Paz and easily beats Arkin in a fist-fight since the latter has only one functional arm. As the Collector is about to kill Arkin and Elena, Lucello appears, having survived his trap by using one of the dog corpses. He fights the Collector in a knife fight but loses; however, as a final act, he holds the Collector in place so that Arkin can get the upper hand, Arkin savagely beats the Collector before throwing his body down a chute onto a pile of body parts covered in gasoline and lighting it on fire.

As the building is burning down, the fire department hears Elena's screams and opens the door from the outside, allowing Elena and Arkin, the last survivors, to escape. However, Arkin finds the Collector's burned mask inside Arkin's trunk with no corpse.  Some time later, Arkin manages to track down the Collector's house by searching for every registered entomologist nearby. Arkin confronts the Collector and, before killing him, says he will torture the Collector as he tortured Arkin. The Collector attacks Arkin, but is forced into his red box and desperately clings onto the sides as Arkin slams the box shut.












                                                                                Copyright(C) 2007 - 2020. All rights reserved




Directed by Marcus Dunstan
Produced by Brett Forbes
Julie Richardson
Patrick Rizzotti
Written by Marcus Dunstan
Patrick Melton
Starring Josh Stewart
Emma Fitzpatrick
Christopher McDonald
Lee Tergesen
Andre Royo
Tim Griffin
Shannon Kane
Brandon Molale
Erin Way
Johanna Braddy
Michael Nardelli
William Peltz
Navi Rawat
Randall Archer
Music by Charlie Clouser
Distributed by Freestyle Releasing
LD Entertainment
Release date(s) September 21st 2012
Running time

82 mins.

Language English
Budget $10 million