The most terrifying film you will ever experience.


The film opens with a girl being captured in the woods by a pair of men.  She wakes up tied to a post in a basement, with an old woman reading from an Necronomicon, saying that her soul must be saved.  As her father is about to light her on fire, she at first pleads for him to save her but then reveals she is possessed, her skin turning pale and eyes yellow.  She is then burned to death before being shot in the head by her father.

Some time later, a group of friends are meeting at an old cabin deep in the woods. Mia is attempting to stop her addiction to heroin with the support of her friends Eric, and Olivia, who is a registered nurse. Her brother David and his girlfriend Natalie arrive much to Mia's surprise. Mia and David's relationship is strained due to the death of their mother.  David, fearful her insanity was genetic and that he would suffer from it, ran away from the situation while Mia had to tend to her as she died, causing her addiction. The group is led to a secret cellar under the cabin by the smell of decaying animal carcasses. Eric finds the book, the Necronomicon, and despite repeated warnings scrawled within the pages of the book, utters an incantation from it. Mia begins to see images of a girl with pale skin and yellow eyes.  Later, going through withdrawal, she attempts to escape the woods but is captured by tree branches and raped by a long vine-like worm which exits the mouth of the dead girl, which strongly resembles a possessed-Mia, and enters her body.

Making her way back to the cabin, Mia attempts to warn David about the demon but the group believes she is trying to leave to find more drugs.  Mia (unknown to herself) kills the family dog with a hammer and then burns herself in the shower, sustaining serious injuries. David attempts to drive her to a hospital, but the rainfall has flooded the exit routes. Back at the cabin, a possessed Mia warns the group they will not survive the night, and attacks Olivia, vomiting on her face and in her mouth. In the struggle, Mia falls into the cellar and the group locks her in. As Olivia attempts to retrieve more sedatives she becomes possessed. Following a cue from the book, Olivia cuts the skin off of the lower half of her face with a piece of glass.  When Eric tries to stop her, she attempts to kill him but is stopped when he beats her head open with a piece of the sink.

While David treats Eric's wounds, Natalie hears the real Mia weeping and goes into the cellar, only to be bitten on the hand by the possessed Mia. Natalie escapes, but her hand becomes possessed and she is forced to cut off her arm with an electric knife to prevent the spread. Eric reveals from reading the book that the demon needs to devour five souls in order to emerge into the world of the living. To do this, the demon has attached itself to Mia's soul, and the only ways to save her soul are to burn her, bury her alive, or dismember her; His attempts to destroy the book itself are shown to be futile. A now-possessed Natalie attacks David and Eric with a nailgun; she is killed in the struggle, but Eric sustains near-fatal injuries. David resolves to burn Mia and the cabin down, but at the last minute decides on a different plan.

David enters the cellar with tranquilizers but is attacked by Mia. Eric saves him but is stabbed to death in the process. David buries the possessed Mia with a bag over her head while she taunts him. After Mia dies, he digs her up and shocks her heart back to life, the possession now removed. David goes back into the house for the car keys but is attacked by Eric, who was possessed by the infected blood on the knife Mia stabbed him with. David locks Mia out of the house then burns it down with himself and Eric still inside. Mia then recovers the necklace David had given her earlier, (although she had destroyed it), but it then begins to rain down blood, and the girl Mia saw earlier in the woods crawls out of the ground.  After a long fight-and-chase sequence (including the demon pinning Mia's arm under their jeep and forcing herself to tear off her left hand), Mia manages to destroy the demon body with a chainsaw and it sinks back into the ground. The blood rain stops as dawn breaks, and Mia wanders away from the ruins of the cabin. Next to the place where David had buried Mia, the Naturom Demonto closes on its own.

During the end credits, there is audio from the original film of Professor Raymond Knowby telling about the Naturom Demonto and seeing dark shadows in the woods that he "resurrected" who are calling for him. Then, in a brief scene, an older Ash Williamssays his iconic line, "Groovy."










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Directed by Fede Alvarez
Produced by
Written by Sam Raimi
Music by Roque Baņos
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) March 8th 2013
Running time 92 MINS.
Language English
Budget $17.000.000