A teenage girl with a hood on walks into a restaurant and orders a burger. She sets the money on the counter, revealing that she has two fingers missing on her right hand. As she sits at a table alone, a few people stare at her and a young boy asks his mother "Why does that girl's face look like that?" Finally, the girl snaps and bursts into tears, yelling how it is not her fault that her face looks like the way it does. In high school, an boy named Ravi is constantly bullied and insulted by two jocks named Bradley and Bernard. A goth girl named Emily is taunted by a group of three popular girls named Kelli, Bridget, and Heather, who abuse her despite Emily's pleas that they could be friends. Another outcast named Dane is shown to having inherited an old secluded house in the woods from his late uncle's will. The outcasts are all invited to a video shoot by a popular boy named Kurtis. The outcasts agree that they like him and don't want him showing up at an upcoming party, Ravi stating that "He's not one of them."

At the video shoot, Bradley and Bernard confront Ravi in the bathroom, breaking the camera after continuing with their usual taunts, going as far as to call Ravi a terrorist. Dane shows up to inform Ravi that the shoot is starting, and asks what happened. Bradley challenges Dane to a fight, to which Dane admits he cannot win. Bradley tells Dane that he bullies him because he knows Dane cannot do anything about it. Back at school, Kurtis finds out what happened and starts a fight with Bradley, fed up with the egotistic boy's attitude.  Most of the outcasts are shown to have disturbing family lives: Dane's parents fight all the time; Ravi's family is cold and distant; Jack, a quiet boy who is skilled at playing the [[banjo]], has a father that ignores him completely. The outcasts set up cameras and various equipment at Dane's house, where they lure all the popular kids, having sending out party invitations earlier. They lace the alcohol with a drug, causing everyone to fall unconscious. When the kids wake up, they find themselves chained together, with the outcasts all masked and wearing costumes inspired by horror movies. They want revenge for the years of torment and want to torture their worst enemies.

A vulgar teenager named Miles decides that the entire thing is a stupid Halloween joke and starts to mouth off. As a result, Jack applies a cattle gun to his face and knee. One boy, Tommy, is allowed to go and get help, but his escape is cut short when he steps into a bear trap and is caught by a group of three boys nicknamed "The Triplets", who help the outcasts. Bernard is tortured with needles by Emily, after he is given a drug that attacks his muscular system, keeping him from moving or making much sound. Kurtis, who attended the party after all, is secretly given a key by Ravi and luckily escapes. Ravi is then stabbed by Dane and killed almost instantly, for betraying the group. Emily smears a paste on Heather's face that is made to slowly start disintegrating the skin it touches, leaving Heather horribly scarred. Bridget realizes that it is Emily and apologizes. She is given the chance to be spared by cutting off Bradley's fingers, but she refuses. Emily then offers Bradley safety if he agrees to cut off Bridget's fingers. Bradley cuts off two fingers on Bridget's right hand before Emily offers the deal to Bridget again. Bridget reluctantly agrees to cut off Bradley's fingers. Ultimately, she decides she cannot harm her friend and is punished by Emily, who smears the previously-used acidic compound on her face.

Kurtis makes it to a neighbor's house, an elderly ex-soldier named Parker. He is suspicious of the fact that Kurtis showed up with a gun, and has the teen tied up for a period before Kurtis finally convinces him that there really is trouble. Parker goes to investigate, but is caught in a trap, severely injuring his legs. Despite the injuries, he manages to kill two of the triplets. Bradley is taunted by a now very insane Dane, and attempts to apologize, though this bears no fruit. Dane then uses his switchblade to sever Bradley's spinal cord, instantly paralyzing him from the waist down. Kurtis calls the police and returns to Dane's house, where he saves a boy named Riggs from getting his tongue cut off. However, Kurtis is shot in the arm by Dane after managing to kill Andy, one of the other outcasts. Dane is about to finish the job, but is shot by Emily, who has had enough. After one last hug, and Emily speaking her final words to Kelli, Jack kills Emily, just as the police arrive. The police burst through, demanding that Jack drop the gun, but he only points it to his own head, declaring that they are "too late" and that "there are more of us out there" before pulling the trigger.

A news report recounts how the popular kids were abducted and tortured "without reason". Kelli, who remained unharmed, swallows a large amount of pills in the school's bathroom. At school, Kurtis exchanges looks with the remaining triplet. The final scene reveals that Bridget is the disfigured girl from the beginning of the movie.









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Directed by Joey Stewart
Produced by Jason Kabolati
Written by Jason Kabolati
Starring Marc Donato
Jascha Washington
Travis Tedford
Music by Damon Criswell
Distributed by After Dark Films
Release date(s) January 29, 2010
Running time  
Language English
Budget $1 million