An act unforgiven. A father lost in grief.


After the drug-induced death of his teenage daughter, Christian is sent a video tape, and it depicts several men having sexual intercourse with his drugged-up daughter. Christian then decides to avenge his daughters death br tracking all of these linked to the making of the video - the distributors, the directors and those who starred in the move. He is a man that will stop at nothing until all of those involved in her death are made to pay. Some of the ways in which those involved die are particularly gruesome.

Along the way he meets a young woman named Alice, who has problems of her own, and a fragile friendship begins to unfold. However as the movie draws to a close Christian is left to try and not only save his own life, but that of the girl he befriended whilst on this journey of death and destruction.






















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Directed by Steven Kastrissios
Produced by Rebecca Dakin
Steven Kastrissios
Written by Steven Kastrissios
Starring Peter Marshall
Caroline Marohasy
Evert McQueen
Music by Ryan Potter
Distributed by Umbrella Entertainment
Screen Media Ventures
Release date(s) 29th June 2008
Running time 96 mins.
Language English