The Devil Walks the World


The Book of Rosemary - The first scene opens with the coven preparing for a ritual, only to discover that Adrian (Rosemary's baby), who is now eight years old, is missing from his room. Knowing Rosemary must be responsible for this, the coven members use her personal possessions to enable the forces of evil to locate her. Rosemary and Adrian are hiding in a synagogue for shelter. While hiding there, supernatural events begin to affect the rabbis. However, as they are seeking sanctuary in a house of God, the coven is unable to affect them.  The next morning, Guy, who is now a famous movie star, gets a call from Roman Castevet. Roman informs Guy that both Rosemary and Adrian are missing and that Rosemary may attempt to contact him. Later that night, Rosemary and Adrian are sheltering in a bus stop. Rosemary makes a phone call to Guy, while Adrian plays with his toy car nearby. As soon as Guy answers the phone, Rosemary immediately issues instructions on how to send her money. Outside, some local children start teasing Adrian and bullying him by stealing his toy car. Suddenly, in a fit of rage, Adrian knocks the children unconscious to the ground. After hearing all the noise, Rosemary hangs up the telephone and runs outside to find Adrian. Attempting to flee, the pair are accosted by Marjean, a prostitute who was witness to the incident. Marjean offers them to hide the pair in her trailer.

After a little while, Rosemary asks Marjean to go see what had happened with the children. After Marjean comes back, she lies and tells Rosemary that two boys were killed. Marjean is obviously a follower of Roman and Minnie, but she offers to help Rosemary get a ride on a bus somewhere. After a bus finally arrives later that night, Rosemary gets trapped inside. The doors slam shut behind her before Adrian can get on. Rosemary then turns to the driver, only to discover that there is no driver, and that the bus is is driving itself. We then see Marjean holding Adrian in her arms, as he sees his mother for the last time, being taken away by the self-driving bus.

The Book of Adrian - Over twenty years later, an adult Adrian and his best friend, Peter, are detained by police for speeding. When Adrian arrives at his home, which is his "Aunt" Marjean's cheap casino, she confronts him about his reckless behavior. She tells him that she's always worried about him ever since his parents were "killed in an Traffic collision".  Adrian then decides to go take a joy ride and instigates a fight with a gang of violent bikers. Peter finds Adrian, who tells him what happened and how he has been suffering from strange nightmares and violent urges.  Later that night, Roman and Minnie arrive at the casino pretending to be Adrian's aunt and uncle. As they prepare for his birthday party, Minnie drugs Adrian into unconsciousness and dresses him up into a costume and devil makeup. Peter, who notices something is wrong, becomes even more suspicious when he sees the movie star Guy Woodhouse arriving. After Guy and Roman join the rest of the coven, they begin to chant, attempting to invoke Satan. Although it initially seems as though the ritual failed, Adrian is possessed and runs out on the casino's dance floor. Roman soon realizes that Satan is using Adrian to possess all the innocent people on the dance floor. Guy soon becomes frightened and runs away. When Peter sees Guy attempting to escape, he attempts to make him help save Adrian. Guy panics when Peter struggles with him, so he electrocutes Peter with a broken power cord.

The Book of Andrew - When Adrian regains consciousness, he is in a hospital and has amnesia. He is kept there against his will, as his fingerprints match the set police found on the broken power cord that killed Peter. A nurse named Ellen tells him his name is "Adrian"; however, he insists his name is "Andrew", because he remembers his mother calling him "Andrew". Not knowing if Ellen will believe him or not, he is hesitant about telling her what he remembers about the cult. Ellen does believe him, and she helps him escape. When Guy is notified of Andrew's escape from the hospital, he fears Andrew may follow him and kill him in a fit of rage. Whilst on the run, Andrew and Ellen stop at a motel, where she seduces him. She then admits to him that she is a cult member, and she drugs and rapes him. He apparently falls asleep having a terrible nightmare. When Andrew later wakes up and goes outside looking for Ellen, a speeding car tries to run him down. Andrew manages to get out of the way; however, Ellen is hit. When the car crashes, Andrew discovers that Guy, who died in the collision, was the driver of the car. Confused and scared, Andrew runs away into the night. The film finishes with Roman and Minnie sitting in the waiting room of a hospital to visit their pregnant granddaughter. After the doctor informs them that the pregnancy should continue as normal, it is revealed that a pregnant Ellen has survived. During the end credits, Ellen is seen giving birth to Andrew's baby, Rosemary's son's baby.









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Directed by Sam O'Steen
Produced by Anthony Wilson
Written by Ira Levin, Anthony Wilson
Starring Stephen McHattie
Patty Duke
George Maharis
Broderick Crawford
Ruth Gordon
Ray Milland
Tina Louise
Music by Anthony Wilson
Distributed by Paramount Television
Release date(s) 29th October 1976
Running time 100 MINS.
Language English