Pray someone hears you.


A group of college students head out to a cottage in the woods for a long weekend vacation - although seemingly half of them travel a day before the other half. No sooner have they arrived than several of the teens wander off into the woods and disappear, meeting various gruesome ends at the hands of what appears to be a hooded figure. The second half of the students arrive the next day. As well as finding the one surviving male (who seem oblivious to the fact that his friends have all disappeared) they find the mutilated remains of their friends buried in the snow. There is of course the usual romantic storyline/thread, teenage sex, drugs and alcohol thrown into the mix.

It seems someone in the woods is out to get them - yet they only reach that conclusion after blaming each other and pointing the finger. The remaining teens try to escape, but one by one, the mysterious "figure" hunts them down and kills them....will any of the teens survive? and do we find out who this mysterious figure is???
























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Directed by Matt Cantu
Lance Kawas
Produced by Bob Brown
Written by Matt Cantu
Lance Kawas
Starring Melissa Schuman
Scott Vickaryous
Shanti Lowry
Tobiasz Daszkiewicz
Thomas Zellen
Michael McKiddy
Walter Harris
Music by Drew Fezzey
Scott Santos
Distributed by  
Release date(s) October 28, 2005
Running time 90 MINS.
Language English