Once you check in, there's no escape...


When married couple Don and his wife, Nancy, who face relationship problems and constantly argue, go on a "vacation" to a casino, a car accident takes place. Looking for help, they call the town's sheriff, who suggests they go to a certain motel and he will have the car towed the next day. At the motel, they find blood in their apartment, and a girl being savagely killed next door. The two must fight for their lives against the motel's workers and men dressed in unusual masks, but can they survive a night alone against dangerous men all by themselves with no real weapons or any other means of support?

The film ends with Don killing everyone and barely rescuing Nancy from the "sheriff", who is later killed by the actual owner of the motel, who was behind it all. The man survives, and walks off, while Nancy and Don escaped earlier. At a funeral for Sydney, the girl who was killed earlier in the film, while a worker for the man assures Sydney's mom that if she needs somewhere to stay, he owns a motel not too far away. The man overhears and questions the other man, but walks away. However, pressing a button, the other man's car explodes. A last image of Don and Nancy walking off together in a field of weeds near the street.























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Directed by Dan Garcia
Produced by Matt Keith
Karlas Powell
Michael Thompson
Written by Dan Garcia
Starring David James Elliott
Michael Madsen
Jeff Fahey
Heather Marie Marsden
Music by Ryan Dufrene
Andrew Markus
Distributed by Dan Garcia Productions
DMG Holdings
Most Wanted Films
Release date(s) October 10, 2010
Running time 86 mins.
Language English
Budget 2 million