A snake-like parasite crawls into the uterus of an abused woman and circus performer named Yanka. She panics and decides to run away from the circus, eeking out an existence with part time work and living in squalour. Unfortunately the parasite living inside her talks to her, and  demands human blood from Yanka who is first reluctant, but then finds that the only relationship she has is with the parasite - she sucumbs. Yanka commits murders to devour the victims blood in order to nurture the parasite - and it grows.

The parasite tells her that it is a creature that will replace man as the dominant species on the planet in five million years, and must be released in the ocean. The creature is eventually released in the sea where it abandons Yanka....
























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Directed by Alain Robak
Produced by Ariel Zeitoun
Joelle Malberg
Irene Sohm
Written by Alain Robak
Serge Cukier
Starring Emmanuelle Escourrou
Jean-Francois Gallotte
Christian Sinniger
Francois Frapier
Music by Carlos Acciari
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 24 January 1990
Running time 84 mins
Language French