In a small lakeside hamlet in the verdant of French countryside, young women are disappearing without a trace.  The superstitious locals blame "The Lake of Ghosts", because of the lake's haunting past, but the town's mayor (Howard Vernon) seems reluctant, or powerless to take any action.  When another woman is found dead near the lake, with her throat ripped out, a Paris reporter comes to town and soon discovers that the lake harbours a terrible secret dating back to World War II.  

It is then a group of local Resistance fighters take action against a troop of Nazi soldiers invading their town, as they have come back from the dead.  And now, whenever the waters at "The Lake of Ghosts" are disturbed, the dead will rise.  One in particular has unfinished business with a family in the town, related to an unresolved affair of the heart
























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Directed by Jean Rollin
Produced by Marius Lesoeur
Daniel White
Written by  
Starring Howard Vernon
Pierre-Marie Escourrou
Music by Daniel White
Distributed by Eurociné
J.E. Films
Release date(s) 13 May 1981
Running time 83 mins.
Language French