Following a horrible street accident on a rural wooded road near Mexico City, Agata goes into a coma, and her identical twin sister Catalina begins to experience the pain and terror that her comatose sister is going through. Catalina must try to solve the mystery of her sister's accident next to the Km. 31 marker and discovers a local legend that tells of malignant spirits that prowl the road and who are said to prey on travellers.

Following a series of terrifying events, Catalina realizes that their link is growing stronger and that her sister is screaming for help from her unconscious state. With the help of her Spanish boyfriend Nuño, Agata's boyfriend Omar, and local detective Martin Ugalde, she discovers that Agata is trapped between life and death, between reality and a terrible netherworld of evil spirits and ancient legend.






















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Directed by Rigoberto Castañeda
Produced by
  • Billy Rovzar
  • Fernando Rovzar
  • Julio Fernández
Written by Rigoberto Castañeda
  • Iliana Fox
  • Adrià Collado
  • Raúl Méndez
  • Carlos Aragon
Music by Carles Cases
Distributed by Lemon Films
Release date(s) October 19, 2006
Running time 103 mins
Language Spanish