Dawn of the Dead



            "When theres no more room in hell the dead will walk

                         the earth."


The film begins at a television station where a debate is taking place on people coming back to life, with one side stating that the situation must be contained , and to do that we must kill the undead without emotion. However another side argues that we should only kill for food (the fools). However for two of those present, Steven and Fran, this isn't really that important compared to preserving their own lives and they run over their plan to escape in a helicopter. However when they arrive they are forced to take two other men with them, Peter and Roger, two SWAT guys who have had enough of endless killing sprees and decide to do one too.

Then end up parking the chopper at a deserted mall (well deserted apart from zombies) and actually decide to stay there indefinitely. Whilst there they listen to the radio, their only link to the outside world, which tells them what we already know, these zombies are cannibals who attack only humans and eat their brains. They also discover that Fran is pregnant, and so whilst she becomes housewife the men seal up the entrances to the mall with trucks and rid themselves of the undead shoppers within the mall. Of course there is a casualty and one of the men is bitten, and whilst he is bitten he is determined to help his friends until he turns.

It seems that for months all is well...apart from the need to kill one of them before he turned. However it isn't long before their mall is invaded by a biker group, who steal as much as possible and leave the doors open for the zombies to re–enter the mall in the process. Not only is it human against human, but human against zombie too...and the big question as to who survives is something you will have to find out when you watch it, and it is certainly worth watching, with gruesome effects and nothing left to the imagination.











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Directed by George A. Romero
Produced by Richard P. Rubinstein
Written by George A. Romero
Starring David Emge
Ken Foree
Scott H. Reiniger
Gaylen Ross
Distributed by United Film Distribution Company
Release date(s)
April 10, 1979
June 29, 1980
Running time 126 min. USA
Language English
Budget US$500,000[