I qualified as a Probation Officer in October 2015 - after 24 months of what I would consider to be extremely hard graft I had finally earned the right to refer to myself as a 'Probation Officer.' I have many great memories from my training - and indeed I consider myself to have been extremely fortunate to have been selected for this process - and I can certainly recall feeling accomplished. The training was tough and demanding - and combined work based practice with NVQ's and academic work. As the years have passed and the training format/entry requirements change, it is perhaps only in the later years that I can truly appreciate my time as a TPO.

As a maingrade officer I worked in two Probation areas, moving from my trainee area in 2007 to my current home. My move occurred to personal reasons only (my son was born in my home area) and in many ways I was sad to say goodbye to an organisation who had treated and supported me so well. I do of course have many memories and experiences as a main grade PO and I will attempt to incorporate them into these pages. My PO role spanned from 2005 up until the end of 2011, at which point I gained an SPO role.

The information below is that which was made availble to me at the time of being a PO. Of course with the recent 'Transforming Rehabilitation' changes ripping the service apart, much of the below content may no longer be relevant to current practitioners - however for me it was relevant within 'my time.'















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