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My basic knowledge of the Probation Service initially developed throughout my years at University, whereby I completed a Criminology Degree. When reflecting upon my time there I can recall two lecturers who had both worked in the Probation Service. On completing the degree each came up to me and encouraged me to apply for the Service, and given my increased knowledge on the Service and its purpose throughout history I felt that this organisation could offer a post that was both challenging and interesting, whilst at the same time containing the values of 'advising, assisting and befriending offenders,' something which I found to fit nicely within my own personal values.

Of course having spent a notable time within the Service and experiencing a significant change in its purpose and direction I have had to adapt and embrace these changes. This issue, along with many others, is covered in the numerous pieces of work I have included in this section of my website. Essentially this offers a journey through two years of training to become a Probation Officer, th eimmediate six moths post qualification, life as an Offender Manager (OM) and general information about the Service and what it an offer, giving the reader a flavour of some contemporary issues within the modern day National Probation Service. Please remember that when you do read the work



















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