Tagging can take the form of three distinctive strands of offender management - the first two being a Curfew Requirement within a Community Order or a stand alone Curfew Order (as described below). The third is that of Home Detention Curfew, which can be applied for br prisoners.



  •  About your sentence:

The Court has sentenced you to either a Suspended Sentence Order or a Community Order with the requirement of a Curfew. However this requirement can also be implemented as a stand alone Curfew Order. The curfew element means that you must be at certain places at specific times. This will be for between two and twelve hours at a time, dependant upon what the Court has decided One example ofthisis that the Court may have decided that you willneed to spend twelve hours of each day in your home, and this will last for the duration of the requirement.

You may also be electronically monitored, which will assist in notifying the relevant agenciesof your whereabouts. If this proves to be the case you will be given tagging equiptment by an electronic tagging company, and they wil explain to you how to use it.


  • Your 'Responsible Officer' will:
  • Explain your sentence to you
  • Make it clear where you will have to be for your curfew and at what time
  • Explain what will happen to you if you fail to adhere to the curfew requirement
  • Review your progress and assist you in completing your sentence sucessfully
  • Treat you fairly and with respect


  • What you should do:
  • Adhere to the conditions of your curfew
  • Make sure that you understand what is expected of you, and ask questions if you do not know
  • Demonstrate respect to those Probation staff you come into contact with, and others you meet during your sentence.
  • Inform Probation staff if there are changes to your circumstances; i.e. your address of telephone number
  • Let your responsible officer visit you at home if they need to
  • If you are having problems with your sentence tell the Probation Staff.


  • If you are taken back to Court, the Court may:
  • Make you do more requirements.
  • Make you do different requirements
  • Make this requirement or other requirements you are already doing more onerous.
  • Send you to prison


  • Additional information

As stated above the Curfew Requirement can be imposed as a stand alone element. During this time you will not necessarily be required to see a Probation Offier. However you will have contact with the electronic monitoring agency.





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