Sharpe's Company



                 "He took that like a gentleman...salt of the earth good sergeants....but bless me  

                       if I could get used to them being"


Spain 1812. Wellington begins his invasion of Spain from Portugal whilst napoleon is preoccupied in Northern Europe. To suceed Wellington must first capture the two great frontier fortresses. In the south Badajoz; and in the north Ciudad Rodrigo.....

General Wellesley's march into Spain has been hampered by two formidable fortresses, which stand in his way. the first, Ciudad Rodrigo, is taken, yet Colonel Lawford is severely wounded and forced to relinquish command of the South Essex Regiment, depriving Captain Sharpe of an influential, supportive friend.  Colonel Windham, the new commander, brings his own officers, so Sharpe is demoted to lieutenant and is humiliated by being put in charge of the baggage and losing command of his "chosen men" to an aristocratic officer who bught the commission of the South Essex's Light Company. Worse, one of the reinforcements is Sergeant Obidiah Hakeswill, an old enemy from Sharpe's days in India.

Meanwhile, Sharpe's lover, Teresa, tells him that he has a baby daughter living with her family in Badajoz, the second fortress town. Not knowing who she is, Hakeswill tries to rape her, but proves no match for her. Teresa then slips into Badajoz to spy on the French and to see her baby. To cause trouble for Sharpe, Hakeswill steals from the officers and plants a picture frame belonging to Windham in the kit of Sharpe's right hand man, Sergeant Harper. When it is found, the colonel has Harper flogged. Later, during a night skirmish, Hakeswill tries to shoot Sharpe in the confusion, but kills a young ensign who has the misfortune to step in front of him at that exact moment.

A turncoat Frenchman escapes the besieged town during the fighting, bearing a dispatch and a letter from Teresa. Sharpe gets the letter, which contains a map showing where she is staying, but Hakeswill later steals it. Eventually, the walls of Badajoz are breached, but the first assault falters. Sharpe rallies the men and leads them into the town. Hakeswill gets to Teresa first, but Sharpe is not far behind and foils his evil plans. However, Hakeswill manages to get away.

For his bravery and because many of the other officers have been killed, Sharpe gets back command of his Light Company. Harper is exonerated when he finds the missing portrait of Windham's wife hidden on Hakeswill's person and returns it to the colonel.....






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Genre Military drama
Original Channel ITV
Starring Sean Bean
Daragh O'Malley
Assumpta Serna Pete Postlethwaite
Music by  Dominic Muldowney
John Tams
Release date(s) 1994
Running time 100 minutes
Language English








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