Sharpe's Gold



        "Major Sharpe I believe that you are ignorant and illegitimate...but I forgive you....

               my daddy's rich and fiddled me into the bow street runners - sorry Provosts...

                           so Im a nice person."


Summer 1813. Welllington's army is driving the French out of Spain. Before they can reach the protection of Napoleon's Marshal Soult, french wagon trains come under relentless attack.....

Two close relatives visit Lord Wellington in Spain during the peninsular War, Bess Nugent and her daughter Ellie. They are there to search for Richard Nugent, the husband of Bess. Wellington however refuses to assist their foolhardy mission, demanding they go home to Ireland.

Meanwhile, Major Richard Sharpe is assigned the task of handing over 50 rifles for some British deserters caught by a Spanish guerrilla leader named El Casco. While on the way to the exchange, the two ladies catch up to Sharpe's party and explain that they willcontinue their search for richard, and that he could be in the area in which Sharpe is heading. With no other choice, he takes them along in order to protect them. Whilst travelling we see that Sharpe has a rendezvous with Ellie, although she assures her mother that it was simply to meet her physical needs. The trade goes as planned and Sharpe and his men take the deserters captured. However, when he starts back without helping the Nugents, they ride off, forcing Sharpe to go after them.

The ladies encounter El Casco's men and Bess is killed and Ellie taken captive. When she is taken to El Casco's cave lair, she finds her father, though he has become deranged after presumably witnessing the atrocities the Spaniards have committed (they believe they are descendents of the Aztecs and cut out the hearts of French prisoners). Sharpe and his men track them down and observes the group butchering some french coldiers they had captured. he persuades a french soldier, who had evaded capture and was fleeing in fear, to assist in the soldiers scheme of tricking the Spanish into thinking a full French force were attacking their lair.

Sharpe eventually makes his way into the caves in pursuit of El Casco, and rescues Ellie and her father. he then confronts El Casco and Sharpe is wounded by him....however Sergeant Harpercomes to his rescue and finishes off El Casco.






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Genre Military drama
Original Channel ITV
Starring Sean Bean
Daragh O'Malley
Jayne Ashbourne
Music by  Dominic Muldowney
John Tams
Release date(s) 1995
Running time 100 minutes
Language English







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