Sharpe's Regiment



    What do you think of me now Jane? Am I not a very monostich of military science   

               and art? I take beasts and I give them form as heroes...


Spain 1813. After victory at Vitoria Wellington prepares to invade france. The depleted Soth Essex face heay opposition at the French frontier and are forced to retreat.

The South Essex Regiment has suffered terrible losses in the fighting in Spain and is in danger of being disbanded. Major Sharpe and Sergeant Major Harper are sent back to England to find out why replacements have not been sent. They arrive at what appears to be a deserted location....where are allof the men????

During an audience with the half-witted Prince Regent, Sharpe is introduced to Lord Fenner, the man responsible for Sharpe's troubles. Fenner sends Lady Anne Camoynes to sleep with Sharpe and ascertain his intentions. When he finds out, he sends assassins to solve his potential problem, but Sharpe and Harper dispose of them instead. Their bodies are tossed into the river and rumours are spread that Sharpe and Harper have been killed.

Meanwhile, the two men "enlist" in the South Essex to find out what happens to the recruits. They learn that they are being trained by Lieutenant Colonel Girdwood and then sold to other regiments by Sharpe's old enemy, Sir Henry Simmerson. Sharpe and harper endure a torrid time whilst training as new recruits, and after watching the cruel, heartless actions of Girdwood and his officers, they decide to hunt and kill harper in the marshlands after accusing him of committinga crime. harper is set loose and Sharpe follows, and after outsmarting there pursuers, including Simmerson, they escapein a boat. They are assisted by Simmerson's niece, Jane Gibbons (Abigail Cruttenden), and Sharpe promises to return to her.

Sharpe returns to the scene of the crime and berates Girdwood, who scuttles off with evidence required by Sharpe to reveal what has been going on. He marches his men to see the Prince of Wales, who is delighted to see Sharpe and his Prince of Wales volunteers. Sharpe later confronts Lord Fenner (who threatens to ship him off to America), but does not have any proof. Just in time, Lady Camoynes, who has her own grudge against Fenner, shows up with ledgers detailing the crimes and uses them for blackmail for herself and for Sharpe.

Sharpe gets the men he came for and goes back to fight in Spain - taking along Colonel Girdwood who reveals himself to be a complete coward. To shelter Jane from Simmerson's wrath, Sharpe becomes engaged to her.







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Genre Military drama
Original Channel ITV
Starring Sean Bean
Daragh O'Malley
Julian Fellowes
Caroline Langrishe
Abigail Cruttenden
Music by  Dominic Muldowney
John Tams
Release date(s) 1996
Running time 100 minutes
Language English







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