Sharpe's Waterloo



             (Jane and Lord Rossendale on Killing Sharpe) - The French may do it    

                 for you...for us....Richard's given them every chance for years     

                              and they cannot be relied upon....


March 1815. napoleon escapes from Elba and returns to France to plunge Europe into war once again. Facing him is an army of British, Dutch, Belgians and Germans under the command of Wellington, and also the Prussian army.

 In 1815 war breaks out once more as Napoleon returns to France from exile on Elba. Richard Sharpe cannot resist the chance to finally see his enemy and breaks his promise to his French lover Lucille to fight no more. However, unlike his adulterous wife Jane, she forgives him and accompanies him to the battlefield.

There, he is reunited with his former sergeant major and best friend, Patrick Harper, and two of his long-time "chosen men", Hagman and Harris. Sharpe finds employment as a Lietenant Colonel on the staff of prince William of Orange, who is devoid of any intellegence when it comes to fighting a war. Harper states that he has not returned to enrol with the army, and claims that he is simply there to observe and look out for his friend Sharpe.

Sharpe scouts the French forces and alerts Lord Wellington at a ball in Brussels that Napoleon is on the move. As Sharpe is leaving, he encounters his wife and her lover, Lord Rossendale; he chases Rossendale and causes a scene in front of the guests, causing Rossendale to urinate in fear. He extracts a promise that he will get back the money Jane stole from him. Afterwards, Jane persuades Rossendale that he has to kill her husband during the coming battle.It would appear that Rossendale will enter the battle and fight for honour - oh and the death of Sharpe.

Sharpe is sent to command the defence of a crucial farmhouse at La Haye Sainte. Several times during the fierce combat, he witnesses the absolute military incompetence of Dutch Prince William, which results in the loss of many men as Sharpe watches on in disbelief and anger. The last time, it costs the lives of Harris and Hagman, who initially escaped but returned to fight. Furious, Sharpe shoots the prince at long range from a secluded spot, but only succeeds in wounding him. (The real William of Orange played a large role in and was wounded at the Battle of Waterloo). Meanwhile, on another part of the battlefield, Rossendale is killed in the fighting by French cuirassiers.

Sharpe then leaves to fight with his old unit, the South Essex Regiment, taking over when its commanding officer becomes a casualty. At the height of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon sends in his elite Imperial Guard. Sharpe repels the last-ditch assault, much to Wellington's delight. Wellington gives Sharpe command of the regiment and tells him to pursue the retreating enemy. Whilst advancing, Sharpe glimpses Napoleon as he rides off in defeat.....





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Genre Military drama
Original Channel ITV
Starring Sean Bean
Daragh O'Malley
Abigail Cruttenden Alexis Denisof
Music by  Dominic Muldowney
John Tams
Release date(s) 1997
Running time 100 minutes
Language English







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