Memphis Belle



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Memphis Belle depicts the day leading up to the crew's final mission, as well as a depiction of the mission itself. The B-17 is named "Memphis Belle" after pilot Dennis Dearborn's girlfriend back home in the States, who is not depicted in the film other than in a black and white photograph kept on the pilot's console.

In their 25th mission, the 10-man-crew is to bomb a factory in Bremen. At first, the flight is delayed because of clouds above the target, but finally they become airborne. Several of the crew feel sure that their luck has run out and that they will not survive this mission. The two planes in front of them in formation are shot down on the way to the target and Memphis Belle reaches the target as the head of the bomb group. Several problems on the return flight cause the crew to bond like never before, and even Luke, the hotshot copilot, comes to respect the authority of Dennis, the pilot. During the return flight, the radio-operator, Danny, is shot in the stomach, and the team must decide whether to parachute him out of the plane or not. However, Val, the bombardier, finds the courage to treat Danny despite only having two weeks medical school training. The crew all make it back to base alive and have gained a new respect for each other. The movie was dedicated to all young men who flew and fought in the largest air conflict in history.























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Movie Script

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones
Produced by David Puttnam,
Catherine Wyler
Written by Monte Merrick
Starring Matthew Modine
Eric Stoltz
Tate Donovan
D.B. Sweeney
Billy Zane
Sean Astin
Harry Connick Jr.
Reed Diamond
Courtney Gains
Neil Giuntoli
David Strathairn
John Lithgow
Music by George Fenton
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) October 12, 1990
Running time 107 min.
Language English






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