Enemy At The Gates



              You've promised people a victory I can't deliver. I don't stand a chance against this man.


Stalingrad, 1942. The German invasion of Russia has reached the city of Stalingrad, reducing the city to rubble as the Soviet and Nazi armies battle for the fate of Russia. Vasily Zaitsev, a poorly educated peasant from the Urals conscripted into the Red Army, manages to survive both a suicidal charge without a weapon into the front lines of the German attack and the NKVD machine gunners shooting survivors who tried to flee. Acquiring a rifle, Zaitsev an expert marksman manages to kill five German officers in a row with the only five bullets he has, impressing a witnessing political officer, Danilov. Writing an account of Zaitsev's achievement in the military newspaper, Danilov manages to inspire the broken, morale-sapped people of the Soviet Union to renew their efforts against the German invaders, and Zaitsev becomes a national hero and propaganda icon.

The bond between the two men is to be tested, as both have fallen in love with Tanya, a Jewish citizen of the city who, inspired by Zaitsev, has joined the sniper division. Fearing the Soviet snipers and the demoralizing effect they are having on their own men, the Germans have sent for Major Erwin Konig, the best sniper in the German military, to seek out and eliminate Zaitsev.





















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Movie Script

Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud
John D. Schofield
Written by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Alain Godard
Starring Jude Law
Ed Harris
Rachel Weisz
Joseph Fiennes
Bob Hoskins
Music by James Horner
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) March 16, 2001
Running time 131 min.
Language English
Budget $68,000,000







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