Jamie and the Magic Torch



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Jamie! Jamie!
Jamie and the Magic Torch.
Down the helter skelter, faster and faster
towards Cuckoo Land.

Wordsworth! Wordsworth!
Following hard behind.
Ready for adventure, always there to lend a paw
...or hand!

Mr Boo and all the others too,
the strangest people you've ever seen.
And the torch with it's magical beam -
If I hadn't really been there
I'd think that I was dreaming!

Jamie! Jamie!
No two nights are the same.
And life is one long glorious game
with Jamie.
Jamie and the Magic Torch!

Jamie and the Magic Torch was a British children's animated television series, made by Cosgrove Hall for Thames Television and shown on the ITV network, running from 1976 to 1979. The series was written and narrated by Brian Trueman, who went on to write shows such as Dangermouse and Count Duckula for Cosgrove Hall.

It was based around the young boy of the title and his torch. When shone on the floor, the torch opened up a hole into a fun dimension called Cuckoo Land.

The beginning of each episode would show Jamie's mother tucking him into bed at night and saying, "Sleep well, Jamie." Then from under his bed, his pet dog Wordsworth would appear holding the torch in his mouth. Jamie would take the torch and shine it on the floor, opening up a portal to Cuckoo Land (which Wordsworth always got stuck in). The portal manifested itself as a helter skelter.

When they reached the end of the slide they would fly out into Cuckoo Land from the bottom of a tree trunk and land on a trampoline. All of this was accompanied by a song, written by Joe Griffiths. Once in Cuckoo Land, the fun would begin.

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Genre Animated series
Created by Cosgrove Hall
Voices of  
Narrated by Brian Trueman
Counrty of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes  
Running Time) 10 minutes
Original Run 1976 (UK) 1979 (UK)
Language English


Series 1 (1976)

1. Mr Boo Loses a Mountain
2. Nutmeg's House
3. Let There Be Music
4. Nutmeg's Box
5. The Runaway Trombonium
6. The Hair Stack
7. Sym-phoney
8. The Flying Rabbit
9. The Magician's Hat
10. The Wicked Wand
11. The House of Wellibob
12. National Wellibob Day
13. Spade-Work

Series 2 (1978)

1. Hidden Persuasion
2. The Dirty Submachine
3. Yoo-Hoo Yeti
4. A Marrow Escape
5. A Policeman's Lot
6. The Flossed World
7. Help, Help
8. One Cloudy Day
9. The Downside Upper
10. Jeepers Creepers
11. The Unexpected Visitor
12. Big Magic
13. Jamie's Birthday Party