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Maid Marian and her Merry Men is a UK children's television series created and written by Tony Robinson and directed by David Bell. It began in 1989 on BBC One and ran for four series, with the last episode shown in 1994. The show was a partially-musical comic retelling of the legend of Robin Hood, placing Maid Marian in the role of leader of the Merry Men, and reducing Robin to an incompetent ex-tailor.

Many of the plots featured, included or revolved around spoofing particular things, including films such as Jurassic Park and It Came From Outer Space, and television programmes, including The Crystal Maze and the long-running televised fundraiser Comic Relief. There were also frequent references to other Robin Hood incarnations, most notably ITV's Robin of Sherwood (and in particular a parody of that series' Clannad soundtrack is lampooned in the episode "The Whitish Knight") and the contemporary film adaptation Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.













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Genre Children's comedy
Created by Tony Robinson
Voices of/Starring Kate Lonergan
Wayne Morris
Danny John-Jules
Tony Robinson
Narrated by  
Counrty of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 26
Running Time) 25 minutes
Original Run 16 November 1989 16 February 1994
Language English


Series One: 1989

  1. How The Band Got Together:
  2. Robert The Incredible Chicken:
  3. A Game Called John:
  4. The Miracle Of Saint Charlene:
  5. The Sharp End of a Cow: Popular
  6. The Whitish Knight:

Series Two: 1990

  1. The Beast of Bolsover: Ambush!
  2. The Worksop Egg Fairy:
  3. Little Brown Noses:
  4. Rabies In Love:
  5. Rotten Rose (Part One):
  6. Rotten Rose (Part Two):

Series Three: 1993

  1. The Big Baby:
  2. Driving Ambition:
  3. Keeping Mum: Pierced
  4. They Came From Outer Space
  5. Robin and the Beansprout:
  6. The Great Mud Harvest:

Christmas Special: 1993

  1. Maid Marian and Much the Mini-Mart Manager's Son:

Series Four: 1994

  1. Tunnel Vision: Double Trouble
  2. Bouncy Sheriff:
  3. Raining Forks:
  4. The Wise Woman of Worksop:
  5. Robin The Bad:
  6. The Nice Sumatran:
  7. Voyage to the Bottom of the Forest: