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Wizadora was a children's television programme broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom from 1993 to 1998. The series was created by Don Arioli and Caroline Cullum. It starred Wendy van der Plank as 'Wizadora', and then from 1996, Lizzie Mcphee. The show was filmed by Meridian Broadcasting.

The episodes all took place in or around Wizadora's cottage. Wizadora, a trainee wizard, is always trying to solve problems using magic.

Wizadora's companions included -

Puppeteers Phil Eason, Francis Wright, Michael Bayliss, Sue Dacre, Don Austen, Brian Herring, Neil Sterenberg, Debbie Cumming, and Sheila Clark worked on the series.




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Genre Children's television series
Created by Don Arioli
Caroline Cullum
Voices of/Starring Wendy van der Plank
Lizzie Mcphee
Steven Ryde
Brian Murphy
Tessa Hatts
Joe Greco
Narrated by  
Counrty of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 204
Running Time) 9 or 15 minutes
Original Run 1 September 1993 Early 1998
Language English