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Perhaps the most destructive of the three variants. In this version, Carrie runs out of the school after the entire school begins laughing at her, with the exception of Miss Desjardin, who Carrie throws against the wall using her powers. After falling onto the wet lawn of the school, Carrie remembers her power, and begins scheming, wanting to drench the others.She uses her mind to close the main doors off as she walks back up to them, peering into the gym through the window. She then notices the sprinkler system that lines the ceiling, and uses her mind to turn them on, forgetting about the stage equipment. As the mob of prom-goers begin to panic and crowd against the doors, Carrie watches as one of the students is electrocuted after grabbing the mic on the stage. At that point, she snaps, and watches in cynical happiness as more students and teachers are electrocuted.

The mural in the gym catches on fire after a wave of sparks hits it, and soon, the whole room is ablaze. A few of the students manage to escape, while the rest inevitably burn to death inside as Carrie walks away from the school, stripping the hydrants of their bolts as she goes, leaving them useless. She begins giving off a telepathic broadcast of her emotions and thoughts.She proceeds through Chamberlain, causing havoc throughout the city as she makes her way home. She brings down telephone lines and unhooks gas pumps, spilling gasoline everywhere before blowing one of the gas stations up. The fire spreads through town while citizens learn that their children are burning to death, eventually resulting in the deaths of many of the parents as they step on livewires.

As Carrie steps out of a church, she eventually makes it home, where she is greeted by her mother. Her mother tells her the story about how Carrie was conceived through marital rape, and then draws a knife from beneath her dress. She stabs Carrie, and Carrie slows her mother's heart to a stop using her telekinesis. Carrie, now severely wounded, begins making her way back into town, where Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan attempt to run her over with their car. However, Carrie takes control of their car and sends it spinning in circles before slamming it into the side of a roadhouse, killing Chris and Billy.It is unclear if Carrie was hit by the car or not, or if she simply collapsed from exhaustion or overuse of her powers, but from that point on, Carrie is left dying on the ground by the destroyed car, bleeding from the knife wound. She is found, two hours later, by Sue Snell, Tommy's girlfriend, who invites her into her mind to prove that she was innocent, not wanting to have embarrassed Carrie. After forgiving her, Carrie then dies.


1976 movie

In the first movie version, Carrie remains inside the gym after the blood lands on her. She snaps, and begins hearing her mother's voice saying what she had told her before she left for the prom, "They're all going to laugh at you." Carrie believes everyone is laughing at her, but really only Norma is. Tommy Ross is rendered unconscious by the bucket hitting him in the head. Completely disillusioned, Carrie uses her mind to slam the doors shut. The imaginary laughs die down as the lights above Carrie change, giving off an eerie red tint.

As the students begin to panic, Carrie uses her powers to pull out the emergency fire hose. Turning it on, Carrie then uses it to spray down students attempting to escape, even going so far as to spray one into submission and possibly fatality as the high-pressurized water is blasted into their face; this student, Norma Watson, happens to be Chris Hargensen's best friend and has previously been shown as taunting Carrie. Carrie then kills Miss Collins after pushing her against a wall and sending a basketball rafter toppling down on her, crushing her torso against the wall.

As one of the teachers takes to the mic, Carrie turns the hose on him, instead hitting the wires and electrocuting him and setting him on fire. He stumbles backwards, and his flaming sleeve ignites the mural behind him. The flames spread quickly, and Carrie finally steps down from the stage, walking out of the school as the flames rise behind her, locking the students in to burn. Nobody escapes, with the exception of Sue Snell, Chris Hargensen, and Billy Nolan. As Carrie begins walking home, Chris and Billy attempt to run her over from behind, but one glance from her sends the car toppling and rolling before exploding.

When Carrie makes it home, she first washes herself in the tub before putting on a nightgown. She is greeted by her mother, who stabs her in the back and stalks her through the house, almost stabbing her again before Carrie sends a barrage of kitchen utensils flying at her one by one, eventually crucifying her against a doorway, pinning her hands to the beams and sending one last knife spinning into her heart. Carrie then pulls her off of the wall, as her own stress pulls down chunks of the roof, bringing down the house and killing herself.

2002 movie

In the television movie version, Carrie remains inside the gym after the blood lands on her. As the crowd of students begin laughing at her, she uses her mind to slam the doors shut after she sends a wave of energy through the crowd. Tina Blake's date, Kenny, tries to stick his hand through the doors in an attempt to stop them, but Carrie crushes and twists his arm between the doors.

The students begin to panic, and Carrie viciously crushes Tina Blake to death with the basketball backboard, after striking her to the floor with it. As the gym erupts in panic, huge sets of lights begin to shake above the crowds, letting off showers of sparks and falling down to the floor. One set swings and smashes against the mural, igniting it in flames. The fire quickly spreads as the prom goers panic, crowding at the doors. Miss Desjarden, along with Norma, find an exit route through a vent as the sprinklers above turn on, showering the gym with water. Carrie breaks the pipes lining the walls, leading up to the sprinklers, sending the water gushing out of the broken end, flooding down onto the floor.

Carrie begins walking out as another set of lights swings and smashes into the electric basketball scoreboard. Miss Desjarden hurries a few students into the vents before attempting to crawl in herself, only to be left dangling, just as the scoreboard hits the water-soaked floor. Everyone else is electrocuted as they run along the gym floor, and Carrie walks through the doors, and collapses the entire flaming school as she leaves. She then makes her way through the town, destroying it in a similar fashion to the novel, exploding gas stations and destroying cars. Chris and Billy attempt to run her over, but she instead sends the car flying at a tree, crushing them to death.

Carrie finally makes it home; still wearing her blood-covered prom dress, she steps into a bath and washes herself. Then her mother comes in and attempts to drown her. Carrie responds to this by (telekinetically) stopping her mother's heart, which kills the woman. Afterward, Carrie just lies there, completely submerged in her bath.

Sue finds her later, and manages to revive Carrie. Afterwards, Carrie visits her own grave (she is thought to be dead), as well as her mother's. There, Sue asks her what she is going to do. Carrie decides to head to Florida to help other people who have problems with telekinetic issues.




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