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Electronic voice phenomenon is a term used to refer to sounds captured on recorded media or other electronic devices that are said by paranormal investigators to be voices of paranormal origin. Examples of purported EVP are typically short, usually the length of a word or short phrase, although longer segments have also been reported.

Explanations proposed by those who say that they are paranormal in origin include that they are the voices of deceased human beings, psychic projections from EVP researchers, or communications from intelligent non-human entities. Explanations proposed by those who say they are not of paranormal origin include that they are the result of cross modulation or inteference from external RF sources, or that they are" random noise that is mistakenly perceived as voices due to pareidolia; the human propensity to find familiar patterns amongst random stimuli.

Interestingly enough, the EVP phenomenon was predicted by those reputed fathers of radio, Marconi and Thomas Edison who believed it was only a matter of time before such magnificent technology would enable us to communicate directly with the dead. Indeed, Edison even went so far as to suggest that the spirit world would perhaps be the first to initiate the communication by using radio to make contact with the living. He also worked on developing a "psychic telephone" that he hoped would create a means to converse with the discarnate, alas, without success.












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