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The mysterious Officer Matt Cordell is stalking the streets of New York once more...the "Maniac Cop" is back! Once Cordell was a hero, a supercop, but he was framed by crooked superiors and now nothing can stop him on his macabre mission of vengeance. They thought he'd vanished into the murky river depths when he crashed off the pierhead in a stolen police van...but they were wrong. You can't kill the dead that easily and the wrong arm of the law is back.....

The movies actually reveal that Cordell was a 'shoot em first and ask questions later' sort of cop who liked the bravado of the job, who liked to visit the records room and read the newspaper clippings about himself. He even managed to retain a relationship with a  female cop, Sally Noland. However it would seem that Cordell got too close to the people at City Hall who were taking pay offs, and so he was framed, set up, even the presiding judge over his case was influenced. For Cordell this mean prison - going into the very establsihment to which he had sent many criminal too - these politicians had already effectively murdered him by incarcerating him. The viewer sees how Cordell was jumped by a number of inmates and after being severely assaulted, he was stabbed and slashed on numerous occasions. However it would seem that the coroner released his body from the prison (to his girlfriend) whilst Cordell was still alive, although this coroner stated that he was 'legally dead' and heavily brain damaged. When his partner found out about his death she attempted to kill herself and failed, living instead with being crippled.

And so Cordell keeps coming back and killing 'innocent people' whilst of course at the same time chasing those responsible for his death - bring them to justice.....




















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