So who is Candyman? The legend first appeared in 1890. His real name was Daniel Robitaille and he was born in Los Angeles to parents who were slaves. His father amassed a considerable fortune after the civil war, and sent his son to all the best schools and grew up in high society. He had a prestigious talent as an artist and was much sought after. In this latter capacity he was commissioned by a wealthy landowner to capture his daughter, Caroline Sullivan, virginal beauty. Well the couple fell deeply in love and she became pregnant, yet the father of this girl executed a terrible revenge against him....

He paid a pack of brutal hooligans to carry out the deed, tracking him down and chasing him through town and all the way to Cabrini Green, where first and foremost they proceeded to saw of his right hand with a rusty blade...and noľone helped Daniel. However this was just the beginning. Near by there was an apiary containing dozens of hives filled with angry bees...the angry mob smashed the hives, stealing the honeycomb and smearing it all over his naked body. He was stung to death by the angry bees, his body burned on a giant fire and his ashes scattered across Cabrini Green. It would seem that Daniel Robitaille died for love.

His resurrection began as rumour, and grew into myth, which escalated in deprived, desperate areas. This is made evident by Candyman's own words...'I am the writing on the walls..the whispers in the classroom, without these things I am nothing.' All you have to do is say his name in the mirror five times and he will appear. It is said that sorrow and hate fill his eyes, and bees buzz around his lips.








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