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                                 THE FISHERMAN                


Ben Willis or The Fisherman is the skasher and serial killer from the films I know what you did last summer and I still know what you did last summer.

Ben Willis worked for a resort hotel in the island of Tower Bay, living with his wife Sarah, daughter Susie and son William. His daughter died in an accident one summer and her boyfriend, David Egan felt responsible. To avenge Susie's "wrongful" death, Willis kills David and make his death appear as an apparent suicide.

After killing off David that night, he is hit by a car while walking home. The four teenagers driving decide to dump the man they presume dead into the ocean, covering up the incident. However, Willis survives and begins stalking those responsible the following July 4th, murdering them with a fish hook. He is eventually stopped by the two surviving teenagers, Julie James and Ray Bronson, and loses his right hand in the process.

In the original novel, he is a rather mysterious character. His name isn't Ben Willis, but his last name is Gregg. He is seeking retribution to murder only Julie in order to avenge his younger brother's death. He is not a fisherman, never uses a hook, and there is no killer/mascot. Instead of losing his hand or being thrown in the water, he gets hit in the head by Ray with a flashlight (incapacitating but not killing him).

The next year, Julie and her friends win a vacation to Tower Bay from a radio station. However, it has been set up by Willis and his son Will, who has befriended Julie while concealing his true identity, to finish off the final two responsible for his accident. By the end of the film, both die on the island, Will accidentally stabbed by his father's hook and Ben shot by Julie. Although the film ends with Ben returning and attacking Julie in her bedroom, it's unclear if this is real and he does kill her and Ray or, like the shock at the end of the first film, is simply a dream.

After his (apparent) death, Ben Willis becomes a legend as the Fisherman who comes to seek revenge for those holding the secret of a death. Nine years after the initial accident, four teens cover up the true story behind their friend's death. The following July 4th, each is stalked by the undead Fisherman and killed one by one.The Fisherman, although an apparition, appeared still to be mortal. Two teens survive the incident and fight the Fisherman, who is shredded to pieces by blades. The Fisherman once again materializes his fatal legend and possibly kills one of the two survivors in the desert, after she gets a flat tire in the middle of the desert but does not kill the other one who is not seen again in the film.









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