MICHAEL MYERS              


We all know that Michael Myer's was driven by the desire to kill all of his living family members, and those who get in his way all meet their makers. But what is Michael's story, was he always a killer and why did he turn out the way that he did. Most of these answer can actually be found in Part 6 of the saga-but here is a brief history of Mr Myer's.....

In 1946 Judith Myer's was born. On the 19th October 1957 Michael Myer's was born. In 1961 Laurie Myer's was born. His parents were Donald and Edith Myers. Therefore we have three Myer's children living in the suburbs of Haddonfield, 45 Lampkin Lane, with their parents...a normal family home you might think. However Micheal was a notoriously shy boy who often clung to his mother, and when not in her presence he sought the company of his grandmother-yet she was not only more disciplined than his own parents, but also cold and unloving. When Michael's parents had to go out, they often left him in the care of the neighbour across the street, Mrs Blankenship. However what they did not know about their neighbour was that she was a member of a local cult known as 'The Thorn.' In entertaining Michael Blankenship often told him stories of the cult. The Thorn believed that every so often to protect the village a member must be chosen to sacrifice his family on Halloween. The Thorn chose Michael to fulfill this role, and after months of brainwashing at the hands of Blankenship Michael became deeply committed to the Thorn beliefs. they convinced him that in order for everyone else to be okay, Michael would have to kill his entire family, starting with his sister Judith. On October 31st 1963 Judith was left to babysit Michael whilst their parents went out. This results in Judith being slain by her 6 year old brother. Michael is taken into custody, where he becomes catatonic, and Dr Sam Loomis is assigned to assess the case. He is sentenced to serve time at Smith's Grove sanitarium until he is 21, where at that point he would appear before an adult court.

On may 1st 1964 Loomis met two senior medical officials in the hospitals forum chambers and pleaded that Michael was transferred to a maximum security ward in Litchfield. However the officials believed that Michael was merely catatonic who exhibited comatose behaviour, yet Loomis maintained that this state was an ingenious cover for what he truly was....a remorseless, predatory psychopath.

In 1965 both of Michael's parents die, leaving Laurie (age 4) to be adopted by the Strode family. The family make a request that the file on Laurie is sealed, and this is subsequently granted.

In 1971, after spending eight years with Michael, Dr Sam Loomis admits that he will never be able to reach Michael. He feels that the only option is to lock Michael away securely, and that he must never be freed. After a hearing at the sanitarium the powers that be do not agree with the views of Loomis, and order that Michael be transferred to a low security unit. However in 1978 Michael Myer's escapes from the sanitarium and returns to Haddonfield (Part 1), and this is where our story begins. However there are two dates worth noting...the first being 1980 (Jamie Lloyd being born to Laurie) and 1987, when Laurie fakes her own death in a car crash, abandoning her daughter, who is taken in by the Corruther's family (Part 4).










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