The Community Order                     


What is a Community Order?                

Community Order is made by the courts when someone is found guilty of an offence. It details what punishment people must receive for the offence(s) committed.

A community sentence, or a non-custodial sentence, means that people serve their punishment in the community.

There are 12 Requirements available to the courts under the guise of either a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order. Someone
sentenced to any of the Requirements listed here will be under the direct supervision of the Probation Service (with the exception of a stand-alone Curfew Requirement, which can be monitored by a private electronic monitoring service).

Judges and Magistrates are able to choose a single or combination of Requirements depending on the seriousness of the offence and the potential risk of harm the offender poses. They can be guided by the completion of a Pre-Sentence Report, which is completed by a Probation Officer.











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Unpaid Work

Specified Activity


Prohibited Activity


Exclusion Requirement

Residence Requirement

Mental Health Treatment

Drug Rehabilitation

Alcohol Treatment


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